Joseph GRIMA DELIA, 44-year old resident of Siġġiewi, Professor at the University of Malta. With more than 20 years professional experience working at university (Malta and UK) and in the community.

Involved in sport as an athlete (rowing) and administration (currently President of the Malta Paralympic Committee, Honorary President of Siġġiewi Rowing Club). Worked on various research, community, educational and cultural projects.

My aspirations, black on white, are to be of service and help to the Siġġiewi community. I will endeavour to:

  1. Create a more inclusive and accessible Siġġiewi community: Ensure that all infrastructural projects (pavements, recreation and sports facilities, etc.) are utilisable by all, including the elderly, children, and physically impaired. Prioritise on public projects which promote intergeneration dialogue through facilities that unite different generations and people of different backgrounds and abilities.
  2. Promote and protect Siġġiewi’s rich cultural heritage: Create more public awareness through cultural activities and publications. Initiate and support protection, preservation and restoration projects, with the help of national and international entities.
  3. Celebrate with you: Promote and be of service to the Siġġiewi local organisations and clubs that organise activities which unite the Siġġiewi community.
  4. Prioritise Sport, Art and Culture: As a person active in sport who loves art and culture, I  will put these sectors as one of my top priorities for a healthier and better quality of life. I pledge to provide my full support to all those active in sport, art and culture.
  5. Enhance and protect our built and rural environment: Siġġiewi needs to remain what it is: a clean, safe and beautiful living space. Our roads are ours to enjoy … and not a highway for polluting trucks carrying rubble and cement.
  6. Make Siġġiewi the best place to live in … ‘Siġġiewi’ needs to remain the place we are proud to call ‘our home’. We have a right to top-notch services, with the support of our local council. The parking problem needs to be tackled.

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